The Sustainable Living Program


Cost: From: $2000
Date: February 8, 2024
Location: Greenestone Centre for Recovery in Muskoka, Ontario


We help burntout and uninspired professionals realign with passion, purpose and find grounded, sustainable living. Our programs are ideal for those who are experiencing burnout, and are needing a higher level of support than a yoga retreat, but shorter-term than a treatment program. We work with professionals, young adults finding their path and excel with clients who know what they are doing is not working and need some support to find sustainable living.


Once you leave the retreat, we provide continued coaching and community support to ensure lasting and sustainable change, with the option to come back for deeper learning and healing at later dates.


Workshop-style 3-day program includes:
  • Meals and alcohol-free drinks
  • Daily movement
  • Workshop-style groups
  • 1-1 session with one of our coaches
  • Accommodations
  • Substance-free for a safe environment for all


Not included:

  • Transportation
  • Massage therapy


The Sustainable Living Program is for you if..
  • You are ready for relief from stress and burnout
  • You are striving for balance and alignment
  • You know your physical health can be improved through stress management
  • You want to understand stress and the impacts on your well-being
  • You desire to move from burnt-out to inspired and fulfilled
  • You are ready to navigate transition gracefully
  • You know there is more to life than the way you’ve been living it
  • You’re ready to understand your relationship with work
  • You desire support around setting boundaries
  • You desire support to learning about your needs and values
  • You desire support to live aligned with your needs and values
  • You are looking for connection with other like-minded peers
  • You are tired of feeling like nobody understands your experience
  • You are looking for a supportive, safe and inspiring environment



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